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Health Promotion

Health products

We’re a healthy lot at Siyathetha Communications, which makes clients marketing or selling health products and services happy to choose us to help them.

Leandie Buys, Clinical Sexologist

Siyathetha has been advising and assisting Leandie – one of six qualified sexologists in South Africa – since she started her business.The challenge was to position her as a professional offering recognised services, and not as a sex industry front.

We assisted with the positioning of the practice, helping Leandie prepare speeches and presentations to various interest groups, build her website, and land a weekly radio slot on Algoa FM.

We also assist in compiling a monthly newsletter, managing its distribution and updating the website, in addition to helping Leandie answer media queries and write articles for magazines and newspapers.

The Other Option

Owners of The Other Option, Cali and Sophia Dewberry are passionate about all aspects of health and are continuously searching for best quality natural remedies that REALLY work.

Their first product is Siberian Pine Nut Oil, which has been used for centuries in Asia and Europe as a remedy for gastritis and ulcers. Faced with competition from a more established distributor selling a cheaper, but inferior, product, The Other Option approached Siyathetha Communications for assistance.

We helped with the repositioning of the company, the rewriting of the website, and the establishment of social networking links.

Wellness programmes

Siyathetha Communications has assisted with the rollout of Wellness programmes in a number of companies – helping with communication, information sharing and motivation.

Working with its associates, Siyathetha Communications can also provide training material and collateral for the implementation and management of Wellness Programmes.

VCT and Aids awareness

Siyathetha assists corporate clients and manufacturing companies with the communication and marketing of voluntary counselling and testing (VCT) programmes, as well as Aids awareness and support.

We provide a full range of services, from industrial theatre through to the printing of caps and T-shirts.