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PR and Publicists

Siyathetha Communications knows how to get your name “out there”.

Through our communication risk assessment process, we also identify potential problems – and opportunities for protecting and promoting your good name.

Our experience ranges from raising the profile of engine plants, industrial development zones and tourism attractions to a clinical sexologist, college and alternative health store.

Siyathetha Communications has over 30 years of experience in reaching a specified target audience, no matter what your business is.

We have well established relationships with local and national media and can offer advice and expertise in social media marketing.

Siyathetha Communications has had the privilege of promoting a number of international artists for their Port Elizabeth shows including Celine Dion in February 2008 (with Algoa FM) and Patrizio Buanne in September 2007.

Siyathetha has also done artist promotion for the following artists when they performed in Port Elizabeth: