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Website Content Provision

Content clinches the deal

Although the design and layout of a website may be visually appealing, it is the content which makes the sale.

Siyathetha Communications understands the strategic importance of website content. Our expertise and knowledge in content development ensures that the words, photographs and graphics not only appeal directly to your target audience, but is also optimised for the Google and other search engines.

It is our belief that website content optimization and ease of use should be the main priorities of businesses when establishing a new website.
Siyathetha Communications will also offer advice on website developers, layout and content management systems (CMS).

Siyathetha Communications has written website content for:


Siyathetha Communications will populate the website with fresh, search engine-optimised copy.


Siyathetha Communications will establish systems and procedures to ensure that the website is kept up to date.


One of the best ways of ensuring that a website stays current is through integrating it with a newsletter, which also helps drive traffic to the site and helps build relationships with clients.