Communicating in the 21st Century

Siyathetha Communications has a well established and respected reputation as top business communication strategists and rollout specialists.

Siyathetha Communications is a research-based strategic communications consultancy that has extensive experience in all aspects of research, public relations, project communication, artist promotion, social media management, editing and website content production.
Siyathetha also has one of the best track records for putting together winning proposals and bids.
We understand online media platforms and monitor the global environment for emerging communication technologies to ensure our clients are on the cutting edge of communication.
Clients choose Siyathetha Communications because of our expertise and track record.
We have been active in the media and communications industry for over four decades. As a result, we offer our clients sound advice, support and direction for all of their communication requirements.
The team at Siyathetha Communications is committed to continuous development to ensure the business stays at the forefront of modern communication strategies.