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Newsletters are an essential element in the communication mix for most companies. Siyathetha plans, researches, edits, designs and publishes print and electronic newsletters for both internal and external circulation.

It is seldom a good idea to combine the functions of the internal and external newsletters.

Internal newsletters carry important company information, and also help build team spirit and loyalty by including as many members of staff as possible in each edition. The focus should be internal – which means that external readers will not be able to relate to most of the content.

External newsletters can be published for clients, suppliers, the community – or all three. They form part of the marketing and communication mix. Staff need to know what the company is telling the outside world, and should be included in the distribution.


Newsletters are planned to ensure that they carry the right message and content. If you want your newsletter to be read, and the content acted on, then it has to have structure and purpose. We work with the client to develop a strategy for each edition of a newsletter, to identify what stories should be in, and who should be interviewed.


In-house attempts at publishing newsletters often fail because they are based on the assumption (or hope) that the people in the company will take time out of their busy days to contribute. The fact is that writing is hard for most people, and newsletters are usually way down on the priority list. Siyathetha overcomes this problem by conducting interviews, by phone, e-mail or in person, arranging or taking the photos, and writing up the article. In short, we take the pain out of contributing.


Words and facts are transformed into stories that are read. Facts are checked, articles are shortened to fit, photographs are selected, and the layout is planned.


Content and good pictures are not enough. The newsletter – whether it is printed or electronic – has to be designed so that the reader wants to see what is in it, while at the same time ensuring that it reflects the standards and brand essence of the organisation which is publishing it. Good design starts at the planning stage – which is the time when the journalists and photographers are briefed.


Electronic newsletters are integrated into websites or blogs to drive traffic, and to build up subscriptions. For printed newsletters, Siyathetha works with its clients to plan distribution to ensure that it gets to its target audience.