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For journalists and their bosses, it is all about the story - will the news or information attract and retain readers/listeners/viewers?

Siyathetha Communications has hands-on experience of print, radio, television, magazine and on-line newsrooms, and understands how they work. We also know how to identify or build a story out of the facts so that it is of interest to the editors, news editors and journalists.

Most importantly, we can speak all forms of journalese - communicating with members of the media at all level using terms and language that they understand. Phrases such as listener footprint, photo op, sound bite, B-roll, angle, background, beat, blog, Cap, blurb, bump, page yield, sub, hard copy, soft copy, exclusive, background briefing, media kit, on diary, off diary, widow, orphan, retraction, ombudsman, and spike.

We know the language because we have worked in the different mediums and understand their unique requirements. Which means that when Siyathetha Communications arranges a media event, it caters for all of the different outlets who attend - a photo op for the print and online media, moving scenes for video, background briefings and exclusive information for weeklies and magazines, one-on-one interviews, and more.

In short, journalists like coming to events organised by Siyathetha because they get their story, well packaged, and without wasting their valuable time. Editors like us because we help optimise the productivity of their journalists in the field.

Even more importantly, they trust us. Siyathetha Communications will not knowingly lie or misrepresent facts to the media. Yes, we will help put things into context, provide background information and help manage the flow of information - but if clients want us to mislead the media and public, we walk away.


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